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You may etch up to three lines in a 8 by 14 inch stone.

Trees on Eden Hill

Lovers of the environment may appreciate this living memorial. Sugar Maples (Acer Saccarum), planted in 2017, line one of the main roadways on Eden Hill. Now you or your loved ones can be honored or memorialized in a granite stone installed in the lawn at the base of one of these trees. This place will be your spot on Eden Hill forever, even if the tree needs to be replaced.

Sugar Maples are native to the northeastern United States. They are 20-feet tall when planted and will grow up to 60-75 feet tall with a mature spread of 40-50 feet in diameter.

Spiritual Benefits: You and those you entrust to our prayers will be remembered twice daily at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy — in the Holy Mass and during the Hour of Great Mercy — including in a Holy Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday.

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